We will manufacture FeTi 70 according to customer requirements.

ferrotitanium 70

Ferrotitanium 70 price
METAKRON supplies ferrotitanium FTi-70 in accordance with GOST 4761-91. The material meets all Russian and international quality standards. At the exit from production, finished products undergo spectral analysis. The price for ferrotitanium 70 depends on the required specification, volume and delivery location.

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Application of FT-70
Ferrotitanium application is widespread in the production of stainless steel (in small quantities), since the introduction of ferrotitanium gives the steel excellent resistance to corrosion. Ferrotitanium is also actively used in the production of heat-resistant steel. When ferrotitanium is used in the production process, the weldability of steel improves, the strength of welded seams increases, and resistance to fatigue cracks during welding appears. Ferrotitanium GOST, produced according to established technological standards, is used for the manufacture of die, high-speed tool steels.

The chemical composition of FeTi-70

The specification is made at the request of the customer.